Who we are

Elfrida Rathbone Camden (ERC) has been making a difference for children, young people and adults in London for more than 30 years, helping them achieve their potential and aspirations.

Our Mission Statement

Elfrida Rathbone Camden works to achieve independence, empowerment and personal development for disabled people, children and young people, parents and families.

Our Goals

  • For the lives of parents and families to be improved by access to the support they feel they need.
  • For disabled people to be supported to maximise their potential through:
    • access to education, training, information and recreation;
    • by promoting self-esteem, confidence and independence; and
    • by supporting families and carers of disabled people.
  • And for children and young people to have the maximum opportunities to achieve their potential.

Amongst those we have helped are:

 •  Young disabled people –  wanting greater independence and involvement in their community

•  Parents and families – needing help to understand and get the support they need from education and social services