About us

“The learners at Leighton College were full of passion and desire to share their ideas and many talents. It was wonderful to share space with such creative young people who supported each other to engage in the workshop with encouragement and respect. One of the most energetic online workshops we have held!” – Stella at Graeae Theatre Company, June 2021

What we do at Leighton College

We are a  SEND further education provision for young people with learning disabilities. We deliver a three year Preparing for Adulthood course.

Who is the college for?

Young people aged between 16-25 years from all London boroughs with mild to moderate learning disabilities. Leighton College is an appropriate provision for young people who may find it difficult to cope in a larger or mainstream environment.

We do always refer to Leighton as I have a soft spot for them! One of my young people attended and made such great progress. When I attended her annual review I was delighted at the transformation in her confidence and openness in engaging with me. I always love visiting as everyone seems so happy and welcoming.”  – Julie Bidgway, SENDIASS Manager, Camden Council, July 2021

How Leighton College works

Our course build students confidence in communication, develops skills for independent living and prepares them for employment. Literacy and Numeracy are studied as a core subjects and embedded throughout the curriculum which is strengths based and learner centred.  

Our course include learning through a range of activities and topics such as sport, drama and work placements.  Community learning is integral to the course students receive support to access public transport through travel training and learn about their local community and services.  

Leighton College Ofsted Report

Elfrida Rathbone Camden (Leighton College) was very disappointed to be graded as inadequate by Ofsted at our inspection in June 2022.  On a positive note we were grateful for the feedback; we have an action plan in place and we have already acted on many of the recommendations. 

We were delighted that Ofsted found that our learners enjoy attending the college and show genuine support and respect for each other’s achievements. Our learners are supported by staff who show high levels of respect towards them. Our learners appreciate the life-skills that they learn, and the majority go on to courses at other providers to continue learning.   Our staff have a supportive and nurturing approach with learners and celebrate learners’ achievements. Our parents and carers value the caring and nurturing environment that the college provides.   

Elfrida Rathbone Camden was graded as good at our last inspection and our quality partner, Ascentis, also graded us as good in November 2021.  It is clear that with the new Ofsted inspection framework now in place we need to further develop some of our processes. 

We need to take prompt action in the following key areas: 

  1. We need to be able to show more effectively how our individual learners are assessed, their learning is planned, their progress is monitored and how they are supported onto their next steps  
  1. We need to review our overall offer for all of our learners to ensure it is meeting their needs 
  1. We need to do more to support our staff to develop their expertise on working with learners with SEND by enabling them to access more training and support 
  1. We need to recruit more trustees with SEND expertise in a further education setting.  We are going to set up an external advisory group with SEND expertise to help us develop our offer and the quality of that offer 
  1. All our staff will have completed administering medication training before the start of the next term (7th September 2022).  All new staff will undertake this training as part of their induction.  
  1. Our landlord will have fixed the communal front door so that it is secure by the start of term. 

Our new Chief Executive, Nicole Francis, started the week after the inspection.  She is focused on working with our learners, staff, parents, carers, trustees and other partners to take the action required.  We look forward to showing Ofsted, at their first monitoring visit in 6 months time, the progress we have made. 

If you have any comments or queries please email: info@elfridacamden.org.uk  We would love to hear from you. 

Read the full report here: Leighton Project Ofsted 2022

Leighton College was rated as a GOOD SEN further education provider in March 2016. Read the full report here: Leighton Project Ofsted 2016