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This page is to celebrate the life, vision and legacy of Catherine Capaldi who was known to many of her friends and the people she worked with as Kate. To celebrate Catherine’s life and as a tribute to her, we have collected images and memories of her for you to read.

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Two women socialising: Catherine Capaldi on the left and Anna Alston on the right
Catherine (left) and Anna Alston (right)

“I knew Catherine very well. She had an infectious smile and laugh. She was very committed to her job at YPFI and on the Elfrida Rathbone Committee. She also liked to party.

She liked her dance videos DVDs like the Step up movies and she loved socializing with people. We were really good friends for a long time and had lots of great fun together. Often she invited me for dinner to her flat. I really miss her. This picture was taken at one of my birthday dinners. “

Anna Alston

Catherine and Lizzie on the House of Lords Terrace, 2016

“I first met Catherine at the charity KIDS ‘Young People for Inclusion Project’ and we continued to work together at the Disability Advocacy Project at The Children’s Society, and then at Camden Council.  I want to acknowledge a few of the many projects Catherine was involved in. 

Catherine was one of the incredible founding members of the ‘Hive’ youth hub in Camden, as well as being the first service user representative Trustee at Elfrida Rathbone Camden. We also co-developed and delivered Participation training, together with Catherine’s friend Sarah Hayes, for Camden Council staff. And this is just a snapshot of the many things she was involved in – she was so busy all the time!

Catherine taught me about how inaccessible the world can be, and I admired her tenacity in refusing to put up with it.  I particularly remember a research trip to the Czech Republic to look at disability access, and witnessing the relentless barriers she faced, with patience and good humour. I know she will be remembered by so many people that met or knew her, for her empathy, fun, and brilliant laugh x”

Lizzie Streeter, Trustee Elfrida Rathbone Camden

“The thing I remember most about Catherine is her smile, eagerness to learn and to help others. I worked with Catherine on training for the YPFI initiative, including an introduction to reading architectural drawings. Catherine embraced the opportunity with passion, humour and style, and we learnt so much from her sharing of experiences. It is clear how much Catherine meant to everyone she met, and I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to work with her.” 

Mei-Yee Man Oram

Image of Catherine Capaldi smiling.
Catherine out and about in London.

“I’ve known Catherine for a good couple of years as I started off as her Care Worker when she was still living with her mum. I formed a really good friendship with her and had the pleasure to watch her grow into an independent young woman who always surrounded herself with friends and wanted the most out of life.

Catherine loved her music, films, experimenting with make up and doing her nails, but most of all just spending time with her family and friends. I had the pleasure to experience a mini holiday with Catherine when she went to Prague – there were so many special memories made there that I’ll cherish forever!! [From ]… all the photos…you can just see what a fun loving person she was!

Catherine moved into her own flat and at that stage I was promoted to being her Care Manager which changed our working dynamic but our friendship remained as strong as could be. I felt that Catherine deserved the best care possible and ensured she was placed with her favourite Care Workers who always ensured her needs were met.

Catherine was always up for a good time and was always the life of the party! I will miss her infectious laugh and her kind heart. Catherine always put everyone else’s feelings before hers and made sure others felt included and taken care of. Catherine was a beautiful person inside and out and my heart is so sad that she is no longer with us.

Catherine – you will forever be in our hearts. May you rest in peace dear friend.”

Carmia Seagreen

Image of Catherine Capaldi smiling.

“In loving memory of Catherine Capaldi she was one of loveliest ladies I have ever met and truly inspirational. I cared for Catherine as her live in carer for over a year with a company called Hartwig Care.I loved working with her and her smile would light up a room. I’m truly saddened for her family and friends and I’m to miss her and our t late night messages. Rest in peace beautiful lady love.”

Hannah Riley

“Catherine was always smiling when I saw her, whether it was helping us to raise funds at a cake sale, learning about architectural drawings using cakes or having a general get together. She was a great advocate for inclusion which was really clear when she talked about the auditing she was involved with at Elfrida Rathbone Camden’s Young People For Inclusion (YPFI) programme and why I’m sure she became a trustee.

Catherine will be truly missed, but I’m sure she will be remembered by many.”

Sarah Jones

Catherine with Sarah, Anna and Denzel at a YPFI meeting.

“Catherine was both my best friend who I had known since school and a work colleague at Elfrida Rathbone Camden. We both volunteered and did paid work at Elfrida Rathbone Camden on the Young People for Inclusion Project. I will always remember how Catherine was always cheerful, happy and always smiling. Catherine always put a 110% into what ever project she took on and was a very loyal friend and work colleague. Catherine I will remember all the good times we had together miss you so much and can’t believe I won’t see you again. You will always be in my heart. Rest in Peace Catherine.”

Sarah Hayes

“Remembering Catherine’s totally infectious loud giggle right now and how many times it lit up the office and nudged me into laughter too when she came in during a work day. So much love to her family and friends, she is greatly loved and missed.”

Rosanna Cooper

“We had the absolute pleasure of working with Catherine at Arup – her passion and energy were contagious, and we always remember her with a smile, cheeky sense of humour, and infectious laugh! Always in our thoughts Catherine, from all of us at the Access and Inclusive Environments team, RIP.”

Access and Inclusive Environments team, Arup

“I remember that she was very welcoming of our team and helped get the partnership off the ground, and that’s a big impact to have. “

Mallory Taub

Image of Catherine Capaldi smiling and cutting cake at XXX.
Catherine cutting the cake at The Hive opening event.

“I had the pleasure of working with Catherine, who was part of Camden Youth Council early on as well as a number of young people’s forums in the borough. She was hard-working, cheerful and made an important contribution to young people’s participation in local service delivery and decision-making.”

Philip McCorkell

Catherine and ERC Director Alexis Catherine with Mayor Larraine Revah in 2015

“As Director of Elfrida Rathbone Camden I remember the many hours I spent with Catherine, planning and creating new projects and activities and being challenged by her, as the most fun and inspiring times. What she achieved and influenced to improve the lives of others was immense and I feel so lucky to have known her.”

Alexis Keir

“We’d like to pay tribute and celebrate the life of Catherine Capaldi this Youth Work Week. Catherine was an important part of the London Youth team, and sadly passed away in 2019. 

When I first met Catherine in 2013 she had been closely involved in London Youth and our programmes. She was a central part of two youth boards: Dare London, being a part of decision-making for London Youth and the Talent Match London youth board, developing a five-year pan-London employability programme. 

Catherine was passionate, funny, caring and generous. Reflecting on the tributes left by others on this page it’s amazing – but no surprise – to see the sheer number and range of ways in which she improved things within her community, spoke up on issues she cared about and connected people. She demonstrated how vital young people are in shaping youth work across London. 

I know how much Catherine meant to so many of the young people and staff that she worked with over her years at London Youth. We are very lucky that she gave so much of her time and energy to making London Youth better at what it does.

I speak for many when I say it was wonderful to know Catherine and she is sorely missed.”

Sophie Hewitt, Head of Youth Action

“Catherine was one of the original founders of Young People for Inclusion at Elfrida Rathbone, Camden. We both volunteered for the Young People for Inclusion Project upon its conception for several years. We also had a close relationship away from our volunteering work at Elfrida.

We will always remember Catherine for her motivation and positive outlook on life whatever came her way. She was always cheerful, happy and smiling even on a down day.

 Even though we didn’t see Catherine every week she would call and check to see how her friends were.

We will also remember the good times we had together. We will both miss you. Rest in Peace our dear friend.”

Scott Dyce & Benjamin Holt

We would like to pay  tribute to our  best friend Catherine Capaldi  we know for over 26 years and at YPFI and since first year at school and at college a long time  going out in the van with her and  we use  to visited  her flat party and watch films and tv she was a amazing friend and committed and great personality much and was such caring friend we will both missing her very much wished she was still with us.

Ziggy and  Emma xxx

I remember Katie as a being a no nonsense young woman with strong opinions and a quick wit. We would often spend time ‘putting the world to rights’ over meals or during activities. She enjoyed the company of others and would often offer a comforting word or touch to show you that she cared about you. Katie wouldn’t let things get in her way she could always find ways over or around obstacles even physical ones. She was kind and thoughtful, gentle and stubborn. I will always think of her as a modern day superwoman without a cape but with enough gumption to give anyone a run for their money. Fly high sweet girl.

Tracy Storey

“Catherine always’s brought a smile happiness whenever she came into the room and she will be sadly missed by all”

Denzil Anderson 

“I have many happy memories of Katie, away on residential lots of fun, laughter and sharing great stories. Katie attending youth club sessions at Pirate castle and Elfrida Rathbone. Lots of laughs and giggles on way home on minibus”.  

Grisha Malik

“Lots of wonderful activities, arts, cooking and long discussions. Many fond memories, a fab personality, hearty contagious laugh, a great sense of humour and she liked to banter and have a giggle. Catherine – Katie loved people and people loved her, Katie was full of wisdom and offered her knowledge and wisdom to others on some occasions at Reactive Forum, other occasions at youth club sessions. Will be forever grateful and honoured to have known Katie and shared some fab memories”.   

Catherine Andrews

I met Katie at Kentish Town youth club, she was always smiling and was a very friendly girl. I remember when the lift broke down in the Elrida youth service and all the staff had to bring Katie downstairs in her wheelchair, I remember Katie keep saying my bottom is hurting but was laughing continuously all the way down. She was a pleasure to work with. Thinking of her family at this sad time. Sending my condolences to her family. She loved cooking with myself (Grisha). She always told me I was the best cook and that she loved my food, we were always trying different recipes.

Grisha xxx

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